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Our Mission

The Augusta Doula Collective was established as a resource for families in the CSRA through the pre-conception, prenatal, birth, and postpartum period. Currently, we are working towards becoming a non-profit in order to provide doula services for the underserved. Additionally, we are dedicated to building a mother-friendly birth community by providing families and care providers information and education about evidence based care and supporting families as they navigate this exciting time in their lives.​

We believe that birth is a normal, physiological process, not an illness. Empowering birth experiences can happen in hospitals, birth centers and at home, and they can occur with obstetricians and midwives. Maternity care should be evidence based and family-centered. We believe that pregnant people have the right to be the decision makers in their care for themselves and their babies, and supported in their decision making by their care team through the process of informed consent and refusal. 

Our Mission is to support families and care providers by building a community dedicated to family-centered care. By educating families and providers about evidence-based care and advocacy, we are supporting families in their journey towards an empowering birth experience.

We believe all women deserve family-centered care

and a positive birth experience.

Who We Are

The Augusta Doula Collective is a group of birth workers passionate about access to evidence-based maternity care. The birth experience matters. We are shifting the current birth culture in the CSRA to achieve better birth experiences. Members of the Collective include childbirth educators, doulas, nurses, chiropractors, birth photographers, and more.

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Our Mission

What We Do

The Augusta Doula Collective offers community, education, and support for local families during their childbearing years. We host community events and support meetings for expecting and new parents. There are educational opportunities for both families and birth professionals to learn and grow together. We are also in the process of becoming a non-profit in order to be able to provide doula services for the underserved, including families who are in need financially and/or are marginalized by our current maternity system.

ADC Kwen

The Augusta Doula Collective community group Kwen, offers a safe space for black and brown (BIPOC) birthing individuals to share their truth and experiences.  It was established to bring awareness, educate, and assist in the fight to lower maternal disparities and death rates in our community.


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